A front-end developer from Birmingham, UK

I’m Ad Taylor and I look a lot happier in real life!

I work as the lead front-end developer at The Beans Group developing software that is modernising student discounts. We work on a pretty exciting RoR stack and have built the front-end using isomorphic React.js components (buzz word alert, sorry!), SCSS and HAML.

Previously I have freelanced on large projects for the NHS, BMIBaby, Oxygen Accelerator. On these projects I worked on both the front-end and back-end of the sites which were all build upon Wordpress.

My hope for this blog is to write not just about tech but also the other things in life I care about. You have been warned!

Out of work I’m a big fan of cycling, cricket (Warwickshire Bears) and football (Aston Villa). I plan to write about my experiences getting into road cycling as well as some stato’ pieces on sport.

Music is another big passion of mine and I have made a section on this site to post small mixes of music that I listen to (much inspired by Jon Hicks).

And that’s me!

I am not looking for a new position, but if you have a smaller project you’d like to discus then please get in touch.